2014/15 Club Fees

Players 10’s & Under, 11’s & 12’s……………$750.00
Players 13’s – 18’s………………………………$1,350.00 base fee
Fees for participation depend on the age division of the team and the amount of travel.All players 13 and above are required to participate in Visible Impact’s conditioning program which is an additional $70.00 per month.*Nebraska Impact offers half off club fees for the second sibling.

A $300 ($200 for 12 & under players) non-refundable deposit which will apply to your club fees (check or credit card) will be required at tryouts and a club commitment letter will be signed when your daughter is selected to a team. Other payment options can be arranged. Club fees for 18’s-13’s include: two jerseys, one pair of shorts, three warm-up t-shirts, warm-up jacket, warm-up pants, coaches’ fees, motivational class, two practices per week and specialty skills clinics. $100 will be deducted from the club price if previous club players want to use their warm-up from last season. Club backpack will be available at an additional cost. Qualifier expenses are NOT included in the club fees. All players are required to participate in Visible Impact Conditioning. This fee is NOT included in the club fees.

You can write a check or give us a credit card and pay for the regular season fees at the beginning of the season.

You can write two checks, one for half of the dues at tryouts and one post-dated for the second half on January 1, 2015.
**Parents choosing one of the payment options below will be required to have a payment form on file to use when the qualifier schedule is complete and those fees will be deducted monthly beginning December 15, 2014.

You can choose to have your club dues deducted monthly. A credit card will be required at tryouts, the club fees will be withdrawn as follows:
-Initial payment of $300 will be due at tryouts
-Second payment will be withdrawn on December 15, 2014
-Third payment will be withdrawn on January 15, 2015
-Fourth payment will be withdrawn on February 15, 2015
-Final payment of balance due will be withdrawn on March 15, 2015
**Any additional qualifier fees will be added to final payment