Dede Demuth

Dede Demuth has a bachelor’s degree in sociology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and is a certified Life Coach. She has successfully completed safe sport training and is a CAP I and IMPACT certified volleyball coach. She has been coaching youth sports for 25+ years and coaching volleyball for over a decade. Dede’s volleyball focus is geared towards teaching younger girls as she feels that there is a strong need for girls to start out with a strong foundation by learning the proper techniques and fundamentals of volleyball, making it easier for them to grow and take their volleyball skills to a higher level.


Dede believes that every player should be able to perform all the basic volleyball skills in order to be a well-rounded volleyball player. This includes passing, setting, hitting and serving. Due to a lack of training with proper technique and basic fundamentals, girls can pick up bad habits that get etched into their muscle memory and become harder to correct as they get older.

“Specializing” or “pigeon-holing” younger girls into playing only one position or playing in the back or front row only may hurt them because they are still trying to learn and understand the game of volleyball. They are also still physically growing and it’s unknown how tall they will become and what position(s) may be best suited for them when they get older.

In a nutshell, the more well rounded a player can become, the better, and being able to properly pass, set, hit and serve are the building blocks to a strong foundation in the game of volleyball.

Dede is also a big believer in empowering young girls to believe and be confident in themselves and teaches them that making mistakes is okay. She also teaches the importance of teamwork and displaying good sportsmanship skills. Dede understands that coaching youth is a big responsibility and that being a good role model is of the utmost importance.