1. While representing the Nebraska Impact Volleyball Club, all athletes, coaches and parents must keep in mind that a positive attitude determines the success of any program and is particularly important in the sport of volleyball. As a representative of Nebraska Impact VBC, you are expected to act in a responsible matter. Determination of what a responsible manner lies solely with the Club. Any individual found in violation of this policy will receive a written notification for the first offense, and will be released from the club on the second offense. NOTE; If the parent is the party in question, the player will be released from the club.
  2. Any athlete damaging equipment owned by the Nebraska Impact VBC, or any facility used by the club during practice, tournaments or any other function, will be required to reimburse the Club and/or facility for the damages before continuing in the Club. In some circumstances, the athlete may be dismissed from the Club.
  3. No athlete will be allowed to participate during the current season unless all fees from the previous year are paid.
  4. An athlete whose account becomes delinquent during the current season may be denied the privilege of playing in a tournament and/or asked to sit out at practice until the account is paid in full or arrangement for payments are made with Bo or Kim Yong.
  5. All athletes must have the following items signed by a parent before they will be allowed to practice with the Club:
    1. USAV/GPRVA Registration Form or Card
    2. Medical Release Form
    3. Letter of Intent Form
  6. In the event of bad weather, your coach or team parent will call your home if practice or a tournament is cancelled. This information will also be posted on the Nebraska Impact VBC website as it is available.
  7. Nebraska Impact VBC has the philosophy that PLAYING TIME for all athletes is determined by the performance of the athlete and IS LEFT AT THE DISCRETION OF HER COACH. This includes playing time during travel tournaments.
  8. Any player or coach who is charged with a misdemeanor or felony involving drugs, alcohol or firearms will be suspended from the Club until cleared of all charges. In the event of being found guilty, the suspension will change to dismissal for the remainder of the season.

HOWEVER, Nebraska Impact has a “no tolerance policy” on drugs, alcohol and tobacco. If any player is found with drugs, alcohol or tobacco at practice or participating in pool or tournament play, or attending a club function, will be immediately expelled from the club.